Personalized Custom Beach Towel



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Procusts Size

13"*13" (33*33cm)
16"*28" (40*70cm)
16"*32" (40*80cm)
28"*55" (70*140cm)
32"*51" (80*130cm)
32"*63" (80*160cm)
37"x74" (94*188cm)

About this item

PREMIUM QUALITY - These microfiber beach towels are made from super soft high-quality materials to provide you with the best all purpose towels. It is lightweight and absorbent while durable enough for long term use. With superior quality at an affordable price, it is the perfect personalized beach towel to have for all occasions, all year round.

CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN - If you love the idea of personalizing your own towels, you will absolutely love these custom micro fiber towels. Upload your own design, text, graphic images, logos, or photos of your choice. We offer all over printing in full vivid color. Personalize this towel to suit your personal tastes or design one for a friend or relative as a gift. The possibilities are endless! Get creative and treat yourself with a custom towel.

COMFORTABLE FEEL - You will love the feel and design of these beach towels. It’s perfect for wrapping yourself with to dry off after a nice swim in the ocean or by a pool in the summer. It is an all purpose towel that is practical and effective, while not being plain and basic like most towels. It’s efficient with drying and does not irritate your skin. Turn heads and show off your own unique custom towels!

GREAT GIFT IDEA - Make this customizable microfiber towel the perfect accessory for the beach or even to use daily at home. Give as a personalized present to a partner, parent, grandparents sibling, child, best friend, coworkers, or even just for yourself. A personal, thoughtful, unique, and one-of-a-kind gift that anyone can cherish forever, it’s ideal for everyday home use, for all ages, swimming, beach parties, exercising, yoga, camping, wedding, events, and much more.

VERSATILE USE - These beach towels are perfect for various purposes. Take it with you on vacations, camping, travelling, road trips, or wherever indoors or outdoors. With versatility, durability, and absorbency, these towels are made to last you a long time and is easy to care for.